Hydroflux Epco is an experienced municipal wastewater treatment company

Operating under a range of GRS externally certified systems Hydroflux Epco is a member of the Hydroflux Group of Companies. 

Our goal is to provide high performing, sustainable energy efficient equipment and technology for maximising life cycle value and reducing operational costs. 

Our Products

HUBER Technology

Innovative high quality machines, plants and stainless steel equipment for municipal and industrial water, wastewater and sludge treatment. Competent in stainless steel – Leading in wastewater technology

EPCO Australia

Founded in 1961 EPCO Australia is one of the pioneers in Australia. Following acquisition by Hydroflux in 2016, the EPCO business continues it’s great reputation for providing a complete design, build and install service throughout Australasia and the Pacific Islandsc


The AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser is a strip diffuser, for use in continuous and intermittent biological processes.


Organica is a natural treatment system combining conventional wastewater treatment technology with a botanic ecosystem.

MENA Water

MENA Water is an engineering and manufacturing company specialising in the field of containerised complete Water and Wastewater treatment systems that offer the advantages of rapid deployment, significant cost savings whilst not compromising on quality, through innovative ready made solutions.


One of the significant benefits of FlooBed® MBBR technology is the ability to upgrade activated sludge plants or SBR’s. Upgrading to an FlooBed® MBBR can provide up to 30% more capacity without requiring any additional space. The FlooBed® MBBR can also be designed for very efficient nutrient removal.


Through reverse osmosis, humanity have been able secure suitable water for drinking and also for industrial processes from the vast volumes of seawater and brackish groundwater. Hydroflux® are a global leader in the supply of seawater desalination systems.


Dutch Spiral’s strength lays in making customized, affordable, good quality products. If the standard size is not suitable, our flexibility can help you out and we can build you a custom design. Options are unlimited and our sales engineers and engineering department are used to making the right creative solutions.


The HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system’s simplicity and exceptional performance in municipal applications are just two of the reasons why the HyDAF is the Dissolved Air Flotation system of choice for Municipal Water Authorities today.

CNP Technology

CNP Technologies AirPrex™ – A Complete Solution to the Struvite Problem. CNP Technologies is exclusively represented in Australia by Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd, a member of the Hydroflux Group.

HyPURE® Membrane filtration

Hydroflux design, supply and install high quality HyPURE® membrane filtration systems suitable for treatment of ultrapure water, process water and wastewater. Hydroflux has extensive experience in the integration of its HyPURE® membrane range into Advanced Water Treatment Plants.

Service & Spare Parts

Our Hydroflux Utilities Company specialises in providing the expert specialist assistance to keep your plant operating.