Our Team

The principal team at Hydroflux Epco have worked most, if not all, their careers in the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment plants & equipment, for physical/chemical, biological and reuse processes. This vast experience base gives our customers confidence that the solution provided will always meet or exceed their requirements.

John Koumoukelis

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco? I have been solely dedicated to the water industry since 1993 working in professional roles based on business development and technical sales management for process equipment and design/build contracts. I have a comprehensive knowledge of both municipal and industrial processes and the successes I have had over the last 20 years has allowed our industry see me as a leader that is trusted and respected.

Why should customers come to you? For over 15 years I have had an intimate association with HUBER Technology AG of Germany, so much so, I feel practically part of the HUBER team. I am fully familiar with all the HUBER products but more importantly I have an intimate knowledge of all of the HUBER installations in Australia. As such, any communication regarding HUBER products is delivered with accuracy and experience.

What are your goals?  All products sold and marketed by Hydroflux Epco are the best that the world has to offer and new product lines are continuously being added to our portfolio. My aim is to introduce world class technology to Australia, be a pioneer and change the traditional ways of thinking. We have the best wastewater treatment process technology available in our market today and our Australian customers deserve the right to benefit from its use. I am committed to our business and will take all the necessary actions to ensure that our client s get the quality and excellence they demand and expect.

John Carroll

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco? I bring drive, energy and new technical skills to the Hydroflux Epco business.
My particular experience is in the detail design of liquid/solid separation equipment for Preliminary and Sludge Treatment which, coupled with the worldwide resources of the HUBER Technology Group and the superior HUBER product range, presents the opportunity to provide clients with superior integrated process solutions whether in the municipal or and industrial fields. In addition, my broad experience in the delivery of water and wastewater projects allows me to follow these solutions from concept through to implementation and final completion, from cradle to grave so to speak.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry? Having worked in the water treatment industry for over 30 years, both in Australia and overseas, I have a considerable knowledge-base that I can offer our clients. My experience covers detail design through design management and project management, on smaller projects for equipment supply through to multi-million dollar projects for whole of plant design and construction.

What are your goals?  My primary goal is to provide technical and cost effective process solutions which meet our clients’ needs. In so doing, my secondary goal is to foster a lasting relationship with our clients, a relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

Luis Bastos

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco? I have a driven and dedicated attitude with a strong project and engineering background. My experience running numerous projects in the water industry together with the vast knowledge within the company will ensure that every project is a success. I pride myself on completing projects to the satisfaction of all parties involved and this is only possible through forward planning and positive communication.

What are your goals? The products that Hydroflux Epco offer are unsurpassed in the water industry and my aim is to provide the complete package; to couple that technology to the client’s needs to deliver a successful project. Our customers are the most important asset in our company and my goal is to treat every project with the same work ethic and integrity whilst going that extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Adrian Minshull

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco?I have a natural ability of being extremely efficient in the planning, preparation and execution of all aspects of business management and project delivery. It is this approach that enables our business to provide the highest quality goods and services competitively. I have always considered our employees and clients to be our most valuable assets and believe that individuals make a difference. By sharing my knowledge and encouraging unified team work, we will ensure that all projects, no matter how large or small, are delivered efficiently and effectively, so that we set an example for others to follow.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?I have been full time in the Australian Water Industry for the last 35 years and literally completed thousands of Water and Wastewater projects throughout Australia and the SE Asian region. Prior to joining the Hydroflux Epco team, I was the founder of AJM Environmental Services, a company which was established in 1999 and grew to be one of the leading wastewater treatment companies in Australia in the early 2000’s. My specialist areas included; new product and process design and development, large project management and corporate strategy and governance.

Tanya Bishara

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco? I qualified as an accountant from the University of Technology Sydney (BBus) in 1993 and has been a CPA since 1996.
Tanya brings extensive experience in Finance, Manufacturing and Business Process Improvement having worked in FMCG for 21 years, 15 of which, were in the capacity of Financial Controller for various divisions of Nestle.

Orod Roostaee

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco? Having previously worked for Huber Technology and MENA Water, I have extensive knowledge about water and wastewater treatment processes and the related mechanical equipment.
Knowing about current environmental issues and status of existing infrastructure and systems, I help Hydroflux focus on providing the best solutions and services to those parts of the market that have been neglected while maintaining an active relationship with the industry community in general.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry? Over the past 15 years, I have worked in numerous water and wastewater treatment projects in different regions of the world. I have been involved in projects as project engineer, design engineer, project manager and regional manager.
I have also worked as product development manager at MENA Water, heavily involved in design and development of package water and wastewater treatment plants.
Although most of the work that I have done is related to potable water and municipal wastewater treatment, I have been involved in some very unique industrial wastewater treatment projects as well.

What are your goals? I believe there are better solutions and options available to clients in our region than what they are aware of, I would like to introduce those advanced water and wastewater treatment systems to them and help them manage their projects CAPEX and OPEX in the most cost effective and environmental friendly way while they enjoy utilizing the latest technologies.

Paul Cobbin

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco? I bring a lifetime of industry experience beginning in the field in the mid 80’s and working my way up through the ranks to General Manager from 2010 to 2016. When I assist client’s it comes with a complete understanding of the commercial impacts and stakeholder needs.

Why should customers come to you? In the first instance people should come to me because of my intimate knowledge of municipal equipment, in particular, trickling filters, clarifiers and digesters. Secondly, twenty years as a specialist of remote package plant installations allows clients to tap into my passion. Mining, remote jungle villages, island communities, I revel in the challenges they bring

What are your goals? My core goal stems from UN resolution 64, recognising the basic human right to water and sanitation. Unfortunately it is still just a dream for far too many. I aim for that goal every time we assist clients through the depth of expertise and project excellence we achieve at Hydroflux, and passionately more so when supporting remote community projects.

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