About Us

Hydroflux Epco is an established privately owned Australian business dedicated to all aspects of water and wastewater treatment systems. Our product range is designed and developed to be economic, efficient and environmentally considered to be the best the world can offer.

Our comprehensive product range includes our own innovative technology plus some of the most efficient process equipment from the world’s leading businesses.

We have exclusive partnership agreements with the following internationally renowned companies.

HUBER Technology

HUBER is a globally active company in the field of water, wastewater and sludge treatment. At its headquarters in Berching, Germany, more than 600 employees develop system solutions, manufacture products and manage projects for commercial, industrial & municipal clients. With more than 30,000 installations worldwide HUBER is one of the leading companies worldwide in this field. HUBER’s adapted treatment processes significantly contribute to the solution of our global water problems.

HUBER supports its customers in approximately 60 countries around the world through subsidiaries, offices or representatives. Hydroflux is the exclusive representative in Australia and is an integral part of the HUBER Asia Pacific Group. The company has been family owned for more than 175 years and today manufactures a wide range of high quality products for the international markets using the most advanced manufacturing technology and by highly qualified employees. As a result of continuous further improvement of its products HUBER offers a full range of products for the whole water sector and the worldwide markets.

AEROSTRIP® – AquaConsult Anlangenbau GmbH

AQUACONSULT is a name associated with the most efficient aeration technology in wastewater treatment worldwide.

The membrane diffusers by AQUACONSULT are called AEROSTRIP® and can be seen today as the most efficient fine bubbled diffusers. The production of AEROSTRIP ® is made entirely at the Austrian headquarter and to the high quality requirements of to ISO 9001.

AQUACONSULT has a strong team of employees, and their longstanding experience in the field of aeration technology provides the acclaim for the companies success.

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