The HeadMax® hydraulic suction system is designed for sludge removal in activated sludge treatment with partial or complete nitrification processes. It allows for the construction of a flat floor which saves on civil costs associated with the clarifier build.

The HeadMax® suction system ensures rapid sludge removal and lower sludge blanket depth, reducing the potential of sludge rising up into the effluent discharge weir. The HeadMax® suction system is available in both header and tube configurations.

For maximum ongoing process control, Hydroflux recommend our suction tube configuration complete with adjustable flow gates located on the peripheral drive bridge for ease of operator access.

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  • Allows for the construction of a flat concrete floor
  • Suspended system which is adjustable with no contact to the floor
  • Reliable suction tube, fully adjustable with slotted arrangement to suit civils
  • Proprietary sliding gate to adjust the flow to the suction tubes
  • Fully adjustable squeeges
  • Easily replaceable squeeges
HeadMax® hydraulic suction sludge removal system animation