Over 25,000 metres of AEROSTRIP® Diffusers in production for Australian STPs

January 19, 2023

Hydroflux Epco had another phenomenal year for AEROSTRIP® Diffuser sales in 2022 with the technology being selected for numerous projects, including the largest-ever AEROSTRIP® installation in Australia.

AEROSTRIP® Diffusers – proven 12+ year longevity and energy efficiency

To put it into perspective if all the AEROSTRIP® diffusers currently in production were put into a straight line, it would total over 25 kilometres of diffuser length! Or for those who follow the soccer that’s 219 soccer fields long!

AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers offer numerous advantages, when compared to other fine bubble diffusers.

  • Industry Leading Unique Proprietary PU membrane; long life (greater than 12 years proven in Australia)
  • Ultra-Fine 1mm bubble size provides of highest oxygen transfer rates
  • Up to 5.0 kgO2/kW transfer efficiency – Oxygen transfer efficiency up to 60%
  • Non-clogging design
  • Greater floor coverage with a strip profile
  • Intermittent and/or continuous operation
  • Can be used with HyGrid® Removal Frames
  • Full turnkey packages can be provided with blowers, pipework and instrumentation
  • Documented proof of efficiency and durability

Special thanks to Chee Terng Lee, our Business Development Manager, who has been an instrumental part in offering this product to the Australian market and for continuing the Hydroflux Group’s commitment to sustainable projects.

Please contact Hydroflux Epco on 1300 497 617 or visit at for further information.

AEROSTRIP® is a registered trademark of Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH

HyGrid® is a registered trademark of Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd

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