Heat Exchange Systems

To maintain the temperature within an anaerobic digester to within the mesophilic range of 35 – 38 Deg C, a sludge heating exchange system is used. A portion of the sludge is re-circulated continuously through a tube in tube type sludge heat exchanger using a sludge recirculation pumps.

The heat exchanger is provided with necessary temperature sensors & control valves that control the heat transfers between the hot & cold media. The temperature sensors are located upstream & downstream of the sludge heat exchanger in the sludge re-circulation line to continuously monitor the inlet and outlet temperature of the sludge heat exchanger. The hot water to be used for heating the sludge is supplied at 85 to 90 Deg C from a boiler.

The sludge heat exchanger is a self-contained unit that contains all pipework, connections, insulations and cladding.

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Hydroflux Epco’s expertise includes:
    •  Turnkey sludge heat exchange systems
    •  External heat exchange systems, for ease of maintenance and access
    •  Typically tube in tube heat exchangers, high efficiency with low maintenance
    •  Dry mount sludge feed pump stations with sludge grinders
    •  Sludge screening with Strainpress screens