Longitudinal Traps

High Efficiency Longitudinal Grit Traps with Grit Removal Screw

The grit trap design and layout is fully compliant with international standards. As a pre-packaged, free standing system, civil requirements and reduced.

The horizontal grit conveyor transports the separated grit particles to the inclined grit removal screw installed within the grit trap. The inclined screw dewaters and discharges the compacted material into a container or a subsequent optional RoSF4/tGrit Washer.

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Optional Oil Separation
  • Separation efficiency of 90 % capture rate of grit particle sized 0.20 – 0.25 mm
  • Capacity up to 300 l/s
  • Totally enclosed
  • Optional separate grease chamber with semiautomatic grease removal
  • Optional integrated grit washing
  • Corrosion-resistant as manufactured of stainless steel
  • Above ground or underground installation possible

Optional Grease separation and removal

Separation of fats and grease is only available when used with aerated grit channels. The grease is collected in a separate chamber with the partition between the grit trap chamber and grease chamber consisting of a slotted scum board. The flow generated within the grit trap chamber by the aeration system transports the grease through the slotted scum board into the grease chamber