Activated Sludge

Hydroflux is proud to be Australia’s first water treatment and technology company to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral certification for our entire organization. As part of our climate change mission, we continue to research, develop and invest in sustainable technologies.

Now our journey continues – our main range of water technology and associated chemical products are Climate Active certified as carbon neutral. To read more on our journey, click HERE

RoadTrain® packaged plants can be designed using continuous activated sludge process and configured for nutrient removal if tighter discharge limits are required.

RoadTrain® has been installed in over 150 sites around the world, and is well suited to remote locations where a high level of both process and mechanical robustness is required.

The system is fabricated and assembled offsite to minimize site installation times. Typically the design includes:

  •   Inlet screening system  Equalization  Anoxic zone (if required)  Aeration Reactor with diffuser system  Aeration Blowers  Secondary clarifiers with sludge airlift  Disinfection  Sludge management

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Key Advantages
Sizing & Performance
Case Studies
  •   Tight discharge limits can be met
  •   Robust heavy duty construction. Systems from the late 1960s are still in operation
  •   Modular system which can be easily upgraded to increase capacity
  •   Simple process operation, ideal for remote locations
  •   Proven in over 150+ installations around the world
  •   From 60 to 1000EP in a single train
  •   BOD < 15 mg/L
  •   TSS < 10 mg/L
  •   TN < 30 mg/L or < 10 mg/L for tight discharges
  •   TP < 10 mg/L or 1 mg/L for tight discharges
Hydroflux Epco – RoadTrain® Package Sewage Treatment Plant