Thru Flow Band Screens

The HUBER EscaMax® Band Screen is part of the range of high quality German manufactured screens designed specifically to process wastewater with high levels of solids and gross material.

EscaMax® Screen is a through flow band screen, that utilises a linked band comprising of perforated stainless steel panels. It is a very compact system that can be easily retrofitted into existing channels.

The through flow profile allows for flexible hydraulic conditions when compared to centre flow types and allows easier integration within inlet works designs, particularly those incorporating downstream grit removal systems.

The HUBER Band Screen EscaMax® is particularly well suited in situations where excellent separation efficiency is required in deep channels with high water levels. Perforated screening elements provide superior separation efficiency in comparison with slit screening elements.

The EscaMax® Screen is available in widths varying from 500mm to 3000mm and can handle flow rates of up to 3000L/s with perforations available form 3.5mm to 10mm.

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The distinctive feature of the innovative perforated plate cleaning system compared to other systems is its efficiency, due to its special profiled counter rotating brush.

Other systems require an additional scraper roller to remove screenings from the trough edge. A counter rotating brush eliminates this problem so that no additional scraper roller is required for trough edge cleaning.

Wear-resistant plastic elements ensure proper sealing between the travelling screening elements and the frame whilst the perforated plates are moving. The connection between the plastic and screening elements is designed to allow quick and easy replacement.

The submerged chain wheel bearing consists of a highly wear-resistant and maintenance-free ceramic bearing which has proven its reliability for years in our grit washing plants.

The sturdy HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax® is able to reliably cope with even high amounts of gravel and grit and the two-dimensional screening elements prevent especially long fibers from passing through the screen and thus achieve maximum separation efficiencies.

The benefits of the EscaMax® Band Screen at a glance:

    • The entire machine is fabricated from stainless steel.
    • Very High screenings capture. UK NSEF tested at 75%
    • Favourable hydraulics when matching with downstream grit removal systems
    • All bearings are maintenance-free. All submerged bearings are wear-resistant ceramic bearings.
    • Compact design with a low installation height above ground level
    • Completely odour-encased screen with easy to remove covers
    • Easy-to-retrofit into existing channels and installation without channel recesses is possible
    • The screen consists of a self-supporting folded stainless steel profile so that it can easily be lifted out of the channel.
    • Not hindered by gravel or grit
    • Simple and easy-to-access chain tensioning unit
Hydroflux Epco – HUBER EscaMax® Band Screen