Rotary Drum Screens

The HUBER Rotary Drum Screen RoMesh® is part of the range of high quality German manufactured screens and has been designed specifically for smaller sewage treatment plants and industrial applications.

The HUBER Rotary Drum Screen RoMesh® consists of a horizontal screen basket equipped with a very fine square mesh or perforated plate

The mesh design is used for very fine screening applications and is available in 0.2 to 1 mm sizes. The perforated plate is designed with 2 or 3 mm perforations and can treat higher flows. The screening drum has diameters up to 1.6m which can allow treatment of up to 100L/s

Due to the two-dimensional effect of the mesh or perforated plate the screen removes very fine particulate material.

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How It Works

The wastewater flows from inside to outside the basket through the screen surface. Filtrate is discharged from the base of the drum and the screenings are transported horizontally by the rotation of the screen.

The screenings are typically dewatered in a downstream screenings press or can be discharged directly to a suitable container.

A spray bar with nozzles efficiently clears the screen surface while the drum rotates.

A selection of the variety of applications in industries:

  • Paper and pulp industry: separation of fine fibres
  • Meat processing industry: separation of scraps
  • Agricultural industry: separation of fruit and peel residues
  • Breweries: mechanical preliminary treatment of all process waters
  • Laundries: separation of fibres from wash waters
  • The benefits of the RoMesh® Screen
    • The square mesh provides a defined separation size
    • Low head loss
    • Mechanical COD/BOD reduction by up to 30 %
    • Filterable solids (AFS) reduction by up to 60 %
    • Optional periodic high pressure cleaning (120 bar)
    • Addition of precipitants and flocculants reduces AFS up to 95%, COD/BOD up to 65%, phosphorus up to 60%.
    • Enclosed, compact design
    • Very high hydraulic through