Solids Contact Clarifiers

Hydroflux Epco offer Solids Contact Clarifiers for applications where the incoming solids load is low, or the chemical flocc is fragile, or a lower footprint is required.

The incoming flow is mixed with solids that have already settled to within the sludge blanket, via a draft tube fitted with in an impellor. This recirculation of a settled solids with incoming flow results in less chemical usage, enhanced sedimentation and a reduction in footprint.

Hydroflux Epco have extensive expertise and references on secondary clarifiers as follows:
  • Over 330 clarifier systems manufactured since 1962, numerous operational as solids contact clarifiers
  • Robust construction with proven sludge removal systems (VeeMax®, LogMax® and HeadMax®)
  • Proven bridge construction
  • Elimination of dead zones
  • Efficient mixing and recirculation via a low shear radial impellor
  • Free standing design in steel construction

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