RakeMax® Centre Flow Screen – The World’s Latest Fine Screen Innovation

RakeMax® was recently third party certified for 73% capture at the UK WIR facility with a 4mm spacing, without the need for washwater.

To further support the drive for fine screening technology, HUBER have introduced the RakeMax CF, which is a centre flow profile of the RakeMax and employs an industry first – a U shaped bar profile.
This technology provides high capture rates, very low headloss and most importantly – no washwater requirement

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Main Features
How It Works
  • All stainless steel fabrication
  • A wide variety of sizes to suit any channel dimensions
  • Non jamming RakeMax mechanism design
  • Number of rakes selected to suit each application
  • Enclosed unit with odour covers
  • Available in apertures from 4 to 6mm

The HUBER RakeMax® CF is an in-channel fine screen that is used to remove screenings from municipal and industrial wastewater and process water streams.

RakeMax utliises a centre flow profile whereby a unique U-shaped bar rack retains solids from the wastewater stream. These solids accumulate to form a mat that further assists in the capture of very fine material.

As the screen blinds, the headloss increases and a screen cleaning cycle is initiated. The screen is cleaned via a mechanical rake system. The RakeMax cleaning system uses a series of rakes that are driven by heavy duty roller chain.

The rakes move the screenings up the screen section to an apron and then are discharged from the screen to the conveying or wash press system via a pivoting comb.

The number of rakes are selected for each project to suit the site. The rakes are able to remove a large capacity of screenings and relatively large objects.

Electronic power monitoring of the main drive protects the mechanism from any issues associated with overloads. The rake cycle can even be reversed to self clear any foreign material that may be occur.

  • The are many benefits to the Step Screen
    • No washwater required
    • High screening capture rates (75 – 85%) due to the unique screening profile
    • Very low headloss due to unique U shaped bar
    • High flow capacity due to centre flow profile
    • No bottom sprocket or submerged bearings
    • Well proven RakeMax raking system (over 1200+ installations)
    • Ability to remove coarse material in addition to fines
    • Not affect by grit, stones or sand
    • Integrated bypass (optional)
Hydroflux Epco – RakeMax® Centre Flow Screen